Shipping policy

Delivery methods and deadlines
Expected time of delivery are indicative on the order acknowledgement and not give rise to damages in case of delays. Unless agreed to the contrary when the order is made, each delivery, even partial, will be the object of a corresponding invoice; the purchaser may not await the delivery of the balance to defer payment for invoices issued. The delivery costs are calculated, in France and abroad, depending on the applicable prices of the chosen carrier, the weight, the packaging and the possible cost of insurance.

Dispatch/reception/return of goods
Goods will be delivered to the address specified in the order. Our deliveries will be understood as departing from our stores. Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron reserve the choice of the means of delivery, unless expressly indicated by the purchaser and subject to the acceptance of the sales team according to the practicability. Materials and supplies will travel at the risk of the purchaser, even when dispatched with shipping paid. It is the responsibility of the recipient:
1 To check on reception the condition and the quantity of the goods received, opening packages in the presence of the hauler if necessary,
2 To draw up, in the case of damage or missing items, reserves on the transport receipt specifying their nature as precisely as possible,
3 To notify the hauler of the damage or missing elements by registered mail with notification of reception of the goods, pursuant to article 105 of the Code of Commerce,
4 To simultaneously notify losses and damage to Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron within three days.
The purchaser must verify that the delivery corresponds to the supplies ordered. In the absence of comments made in writing by the purchaser within three days of the delivery date at the latest, the delivery will be deemed accepted. No return will be accepted without the prior written agreement of Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron, which will specify, as applicable, the terms and conditions. Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron reserve the right to resend, charging for shipping, all goods received without this agreement.